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Custom Made Your Zentai Suit Here!

Send us design, we can help you
printing the pattern you want
and sewing it into a costume.
The price starts from $50.00

Please submit your printing
custom request in this page and
send us the printing file preview
image (under 150kb).
For the original printing file which
usually over 1M in size, please send it to us via SkyDrive or other
online storage website.

 Pro Printer + Skilled Tailors + Various Custom Options + Matching Props + Dedicated 

Recommended Digital Pattern File Designers

Please include the following info. in your message:

  • 1. Printing file preview
  • 2. Orginal printing file download link
  • 3. Size
  • 4. Custom options
  • 5. Shipping Address

You can upload original file at:

* Required information
Please make sure that the email address you provided is correct and valid, then we can contact you without any problems. Thank you.
 Please upload the file to online drive such as google drive or one drive and share the file link here.
Custom Options:




EVA Lenses or Faceshell Set  

Deadpool Gear  
 Your uploaded image must be in JPG,GIF,PNG format.The image size cannot exceed 150KB in size.